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Measure: The Number of Assisted Living Beds per 1,000 Persons Age 65 and Over by County

In May 2017 there were 1,206 housing with services establishments that designated to provide assisted living services. According to the Minnesota Department of Health these facilities have 54,125 assisted living beds and serve 39,978 residents. 

Statewide capacity for assisted living is 71.8 beds/1,000 persons. Assisted living capacity identifies counties/areas in the state where there are more or less beds than the statewide average. There are assisted living beds in all counties except Cook and Traverse.

Why is this measure important?

Population projections expect an increase in the age 65+ population as baby boomers age. Their need for choice in appropriate housing and services grow as well. According to the 2015 Census Bureau Population Estimates, there are 753,529 people in Minnesota age 65+. Aitkin County and the western counties that border North and South Dakota have the highest percent of older Minnesotans. The collar suburban counties surrounding the Twins Cities have the lowest percent.

What is included in the measure?

The total number of assisted living beds from the Minnesota Department of Health and the 2015 Census Population Estimates age 65+ by county. This data includes both home and community-based waiver services and private pay beds.

What does it mean?

Since May 2015, the number of assisted living facilities, beds and residents increased. One hundred thirty five facilities were added in Minnesota.  The number of beds increased by 5,038 and the number of residents increased by 2,976. Hennepin County added more than 2,000 beds and 1,000 residents since May 2015.

As the population of older Minnesotans increases, there is a need for a variety of service options. This is one measure that will be used to evaluate choice in housing and services for older Minnesotans.

How is it calculated?

Assisted living capacity is the number of beds in relation to the number of older Minnesotans throughout the state. The capacity in a county is the number of assisted living beds for a county, divided by the number of persons age 65+ from that county, 2015 Census Estimates*1000.

Assisted living beds per 1,000 persons aged 65 and over by county by graph

Graph of assisted living beds per 1000 persons age 65 and over by county

Assisted living beds per 1,000 persons age 65 and over by county by table

Beds per 1,000 persons age 65+ Number of Counties
None 2
1 to 50 37
51 to 100 43
101 to 150 5

Data source

DHS data warehouse

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