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In 2004, DHS began work on an automated process to:

  • Assess individuals in need of long-term services and support
  • Determine eligibility for publicly funded programs
  • Develop individualized support plans

As of May 2013, DHS:

  • Built the core components of the online assessment application
  • Built the core components of the online MnCHOICES application, including the assessment and eligibility summary
  • Completed a pilot time study to validate proposed random moment activity codes for MnCHOICES assessments and evaluate the fiscal impact of implementing MnCHOICES
  • Defined certified assessor and case manager roles for conducting assessments and support planning
  • Designed a launch strategy that supports lead agencies during the implementation process
  • Developed and executed testing components such as face-to-face assessment and reassessments with current recipients
  • Developed skills and competencies training for individuals who will conduct MnCHOICES assessments as certified assessors
  • Finalized expectations of lead agencies (assurances) for implementing and administering MnCHOICES
  • Integrated MnCHOICES with the Social Services Information System (SSIS)

From June through November 2013, DHS plans to:

  • Complete Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 training for qualified candidates to become certified assessors and open a MnCHOICES practice site
  • Complete testing and revise components of the MnCHOICES assessment and eligibility summary based on findings
  • Develop a plan to incorporate the Community Support Plan and the Coordinated Services and Support Plan into MnCHOICES
  • Develop training for other lead agency staff who will use MnCHOICES on the content, philosophy and technology of MnCHOICES
  • Establish a help desk
  • Finalize critical policy decisions needed to implement MnCHOICES
  • Identify and train MnCHOICES mentors within each lead agency
  • Work with the 21 first implementer lead agencies to field test the complete MnCHOICES application
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