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Acute Care Transitions Advisory Council

DHS formed the advisory council in October 2023 to create supports for children and adults who face barriers when moving from hospitals and other settings into their home and community.

The council will create an action plan to consider the following key recommendations to:

  • Improve the ways in which regions support people with complex transition challenges.
  • Reduce multiple roles and services that make it hard to find support.
  • Design a way to assess and measure the challenges that occur during Transitions.
  • Change policies and procedures.
  • Consider ways the state can invest in new programs to help people in transition.
  • Address geographic, racial and ethnic disparities that children and adults in transition experience.

Timeline for council activities: From Oct. 1, 2023, through Oct. 2, 2024.

Questions? Email the DHS liaison to the Acute Care Transitions Advisory Council at

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