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Telemedicine review

A statewide telemedicine study is taking advantage of the emergency waivers due to the COVID-19 emergency to study the effectiveness of telemedicine and telehealth service delivery methods. This will allow DHS to make well-informed recommendations regarding the future of telemedicine in Minnesota.

Telemedicine Utilization Report (PDF)
Telemedicine FAQs

As part of the study, DHS has conducted focus groups with health care providers in Minnesota. The groups sought to answer:

  • How was telemedicine used before the pandemic in primary health care, mental health care, and substance use disorder treatment settings?
  • How is telemedicine used during the pandemic in the same health care settings?
  • Is telemedicine effective?
  • What barriers do health care providers and patients face?

Next steps include completing focus group sessions with providers across the state and delivering an initial summary report based on the results of those sessions and an analysis of Medicaid claims data collected before and during the COVID-19 peacetime emergency.

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