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DHS Problem Gambling Program Training Scholarship Fund Information and Timeline

The Problem Gambling Program unit of the Behavioral Health Division offers scholarship reimbursements for training of qualified clinicians who wish to become a problem gambling treatment service provider. Eligibility requirements to receive a scholarship:

  1. Must be a qualified provider serving Minnesota residents.
  2. Must be fully licensed as an alcohol and drug counselor, a psychologist, a social worker, a marriage and family therapist, psychotherapist, or a psychiatric nurse.
  3. An agency may apply for the scholarship on behalf of qualifying staff.

Per Minnesota Administrative Rule 9585.0040; DHS recognizes training certified by the International Gambling Counselor Certification Board, (IGCCB).

IGCCB has set up approved training programs to enable professionals to identify appropriate training courses that meet the IGCCB standard. Approved status is a mark of quality that the body awards to training programs who meet their standards for training content and delivery.

These courses are 100% virtual

Scholarship applicants must complete at minimum 60 hours of training per Rule 9585.0040, this can be achieved by following the track plan laid out below:

  1. ICGC – I (Sign up for 1 of the currently available training options listed under IGCG I - 30 Hours)
  2. ICGC – II (Sign up for Advanced Training - 20 Hours)
  3. IGCD – Sign up for Intenta: IGDC Training - 15 Hours

Estimated combined 3 course Training Cost: $1,197.00

Combined Total Hours of Training: 65 Hours

IGCCB Trainings are available at

DHS Problem Gambling Training Scholarship Application

Applicants are encouraged to test out and complete the requirements for ICGC –I or ICGC –II certification however, ICGC certification is not required to qualify as a problem gambling treatment provider in MN.

Scholarship applicants/students MUST enter into a contract agreement for a scholarship with the Department of Human Services prior to enrolling in any course to qualify for reimbursement under the scholarship. The current full scholarship reimbursement will be issued to the approved student or their employer after successful completion of all 3 course trainings.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) is committed to advancing equity, reducing disparities in DHS program outcomes, and improving access to human services for communities experiencing inequities. The DHS Problem Gambling Program will offer full financial support towards the cost of the Problem Gambling Counselor Training.

Please refer to the following time table for an overview of the process.

Scholarship Timeline

Application timeline may change based on funding availability.

This timeline is based on the State Fiscal Year which runs from July 1 through June 30.

August 1 – October 31
Step 1. Applications accepted for review by DHS
Step 2. Applications reviewed by DHS
Step 3. Applicants approved for scholarship
Step 4. Applicants notified of scholarship approval
Step 5. Include Substitute W-9 forms, as applicable (only needed if vendor number needs to be established)
Step 6. Students MUST NOT enroll in course prior to execution of Micro-Grant Contract

September 1 – November 30
Step 7. Approved applicants/students enroll
Step 8. Students submit confirmation of enrollment to DHS
Step 9. Students begin training

December 1 - April 30
Step 10. Scholarship recipients/Students complete training
Step 11. Scholarship recipients/Students submit: invoice, copy of completion certificate and proof of payment
Step 12. DHS BHD/Problem Gambling Program approves scholarship reimbursements
Step 13. April 30th Final deadline to complete training and submit proof of payment, completion certificate, and invoice to Trevor Urman.

June 30
Step 14. DHS Deadline for scholarship reimbursement

After completing each online training module; please provide completion of training certificate and cost associated with training to Trevor Urman

DHS Contact: Trevor Urman 651-431-2231

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone apply for this scholarship?
Must be a qualified provider serving Minnesota residents.

How much is the scholarship for?
The scholarship will cover up to $1,197.00 of training costs.

Do I have to pay for the course first from my own resources?
Yes, the scholarship recipient or employer is responsible for paying for the training at the time of enrollment and will be reimbursed after confirmation of course completion.

How long is the training?
The training is 65 hours, self-guided online modules. Each student will work at their own pace. However, training must be completed by April 30th per DHS timeline.

Can I become a gambling treatment provider as an LADC?
Currently, DHS is unable to enter into gambling treatment provider contracts with individual LADCs. However, an LADC may provide gambling treatment services under the employment of a licensed treatment program or mental health agency.

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