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Radha's Own Your Future story

RadhaRadha knew that someday she should think about buying long-term care insurance. Working as a long-distance caregiver for family members who needed extended care helped her see the value of having financial and care options. She researched some options and felt insurance was something the family could afford, but only after they put both sons through college.

At least that was the plan. Shortly before Radha's oldest son began his freshman year in college, her husband suffered a minor heart attack. That's when they both realized how vulnerable health is and that independence can change in an instant. Rhada's husband did not qualify for long-term care insurance, so she felt it was even more important to have coverage for herself.

She believed that she might outlive her spouse, as is often the case for females, and thus would not have a family caregiver living nearby. Even though she has children, she felt a strong desire not to burden her sons with her future care. Having private insurance helped reassure her. It allowed her to enjoy time with family and friends. She would not have to rely on them for hands-on care should the time come that she needs long-term care.

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