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Planning stories by people in their 60s

In your 60s, have a plan becomes a crucial guide for the many lifestyle and health decisions that people must make as they near retirement. Read how individuals in their 60s are tuning up their plans for the future. Read their stories.


Age: 60s

Dennis knows from first-hand experience with his dad about the importance of having a plan should his dad someday need long-term care. His dad had Parkinson's disease, but always assumed his wife would be able to care for him as his condition got worse, so he never made any other arrangements. Read more of Dennis's story.

JohnJohn and Shelley

Age: 60s

Working in the aging field, John knew how important it was to plan for his long-term care. Over the years, John had the opportunity to learn about many different long-term care financing options. When planning for the future, John advises others to think about what is important to you as you age. Read more of John's and Shelley's story.

Kathy and CathyKathy and Cathy

Age: 60s

Kathy and her partner Cathy are two extremely planful people. To them, it only made sense to have a plan in place for their future. Now retired, both Kathy and Cathy worked in the health care field, Kathy as a medical librarian and Cathy as a public health nurse, and saw how important it was to plan for their long-term care. Read more of Kathy and Cathy's story.

Marcia and Al's kitchenMarcia and Al

Age: 60s

Marcia is a long-distance caregiver for her mother, living in Florida. A few years ago, Marsha and her husband Al began looking for suitable living arrangements for her mom so that she could age in place. The couple was surprised at how difficult it was to find something suitable - even in a market like Florida that caters to seniors. Read more of Marcia and Al's story about home modification.

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