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Planning stories by people in their 50s

Many people become empty nesters during their 50s, and feel they can begin to focus more on future plans. Read and watch these stories to see the many ways that individuals are preparing for their future. Read their stories.


Age: 50s

Amy knows first-hand the difference it makes when someone plans ahead for their possible long-term care needs. She also knows what happens when someone does not take those steps. She works a full-time job while raising two teenage children, and provides long-term care support and assistance for her parents and her in-laws. Read more of Amy's story.


Age: 50s

Andrew is a well-educated and successful business development consultant. None of the skills and knowledge he has accumulated during his more than 50 years of life prepared him for knowing how to help his mother when she fell ill and needed long-term care. Read more of Andrew's story.


Age: 50s

Julienne is in her 50s and lives in a Minneapolis suburb. In this video she shares her story about caring for her mother and how this experience has shaped her own planning for long-term care. Watch Julienne's video.


Age: 50s

Kay grew up on a farm and moved to an area in the Twin Cities Metro area that reminded her of her home. When she got the chance to build a new house on her lot, she decided to make the house so accessible that she could live there for the rest of her life. The house is a big part of her long-term care plan. Watch Kay's video.


Age: 50s

Radha knew that someday she should think about buying long-term care insurance. Working as a long-distance caregiver for family members who needed extended care helped her see the value of having financial and care options. Read more of Radha's story.


Age: 50s

Robin is a typical example of a young woman in the sandwich generation . Busy with her job as a human resources director for a major firm and raising three children, she experienced long-distance for both her father and her father-in-law. Read more of Robin's story.

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