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Grassroots organizations

Grassroots organizations includes a broad range of community organizations with members, networks or affiliations with specific geographic or affinity communities and a specific mission or focus. Own Your Future is working with these organizations in a variety of ways to identify the most effective strategies for reaching out to these communities and then developing the materials to support these efforts. They are also employers, and for purposes of the Own Your Future messages, should look at the contents of the employer tool kit to see if any of those materials would be helpful in getting the message out to their constituencies.

Faith communities

Many faith communities are deeply involved in the issues at the heart of Own Your Future: services to older people, support of senior housing and nursing facilities, providing affordable supports and services in their communities to people trying to stay in their homes, support for family caregivers. Some also offer classes on financial planning and stewardship of time, talents and treasures.

Own Your Future initiative is working with representatives of faith communities on materials that will be especially designed around the Own Your Future topics of most relevance to faith communities. One piece available now is an insert for a bulletin or newsletter.

Diverse communities

We are holding focus groups in conjunction with the four minority councils at the state level. These focus groups will give us information and suggestions for how to effectively bring the Own Your Future message to members of the growing diverse communities in our state.

We are now scheduling a meeting this fall with a focus group of members of the GLBT community on the unique issues of this community regarding long-term care planning.

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