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In the years ahead

As we move farther on the journey, we are working toward the following values, benefits and results:

  • Approachable new ways to access human services programs
  • Statewide initial screening questionnaire focused on helping with unmet needs 
  • Efficient data collection process with intuitive features
  • Uniform data security and privacy standards, and secure data collection and access
  • Individual goal-setting based on a person’s unique needs, with personal progress measurement over time
  • Proactive approach that supports continuous improvement at all levels
  • Services of all types — from in-person to online — delivered in a flexible, comprehensive system that supports individual needs and goals.
  • Personalized access for users and community/service partners, including 24/7 online information, and ways to take action through an online account

Read more about the vision for Minnesota’s integrated service model


To make this happen

Bringing the vision to life means working together in partnership with agencies and communities across the state. To organize our efforts, the Department of Human Services, Minnesota IT Services, and county and tribal nation human services agencies have all come together to collaborate on a five-year Modernization Plan. Right now, the plan should be considered a “living” plan, as we continue to seek feedback and additional collaborators. Perhaps the most important part of the plan is working directly with individuals and communities served by human services agencies in Minnesota, to redesign the way we deliver them. 

The plan focuses on three key concepts:

  • Engage: Leverage expertise and work with human services partners and communities to build an inclusive, accessible human services delivery system.
  • Redesign: Use human-centered design principles to transform business and technology processes and systems to better serve our clients.
  • Align: Move forward together to align people, structures and resources around the strategic vision for modernization.

Read more about the statewide, collaborative Human Services Modernization Strategic Plan

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