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Final materials

The draft report from the Blue Ribbon Commission is available for review. From July 13, 2020 – July 31, 2020, we are collecting public input on the draft report. The commission welcomes your feedback on the strategies included in this report.

Supporting materials are available to provide an overview of the work of the Commission and a summary of the strategies included in the draft report. These materials include:

  1. The Blue Ribbon Commission draft report for public input
    This report includes background information about the Blue Ribbon Commission as well as summary and detailed information of the strategies.

  2. Online Survey instructions for public input on draft report
    This document provides an overview of the online survey for individuals who are interested in viewing the survey questions prior to starting the online process.

  3. Online public input survey 
    When you’re ready to provide input on the draft report and the strategies within the report, click the button to start the online survey.

  4. Pre-recorded presentation (PowerPoint version) 
    This is a 30 minute, prerecorded presentation, which provides an overview of the Blue Ribbon Commission and the strategies moved forward for consideration. Please launch the PowerPoint into “presentation” mode for the audio and auto-advance features to start or view the video version below.

  1. Transcript of presentation
    This document contains the transcription of the presentation audio.

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