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Seeking public strategy ideas

Minnesota’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Health and Human Services (the Commission) is seeking strategies for consideration for possible inclusion in the legislatively mandated action plan. The Commission must create an action plan to improve program efficiencies, produce savings, and promote better outcomes in health and human services.

The individual or entity submitting the suggested strategy must complete sections 1 and 2 of the form. For this phase, strategies must be submitted to the Commission by midnight on Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019 via this process. Strategies received after this date and time will be reviewed and considered at the discretion of the Commission. The Commission, at its discretion, will direct the relevant state agencies to take action to further clarify the suggested strategy as necessary. Any fiscal analysis will be reviewed and ultimately must be certified by Minnesota Management and Budget. The Blue Ribbon Commission anticipates posting the final draft strategies for public comment in summer 2020.

In reviewing strategies for further review, the following draft criteria will be considered.

Strategy concepts should:

  1. Possess a high probability of achieving the aim of the defined focus area that the strategy addresses; 
  2. Be subject to the influence of government action; 
  3. Be feasible to implement;
  4. Not contribute to health inequities or disparities, nor negatively impact individual and community health status, consumers in private marketplaces, quality of care, or access to necessary care, and 
  5. Not result in benefit reductions.

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