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The 2019 legislature and Governor Tim Walz created the Blue Ribbon Commission on Health and Human Services to develop an action plan for transforming the health and human services system.

Health and Human Services Blue Ribbon Commission

Final materials

  1. The Blue Ribbon Commission final report (PDF)
    This report includes background information about the Blue Ribbon Commission as well as summary and detailed information of the strategies.

  2. Public input on strategies and draft report (PDF)
    This is a comprehensive record of all input received on the draft report via the online survey.

  3. Consolidated written public comments (PDF)

  4. Consolidated meeting notes (PDF)

Minnesota Health and Human Services Blue Ribbon Commission draft report prerecorded presentation
July 9, 2020 Length: 00:30:41 Direct Link
This is a 30 minute, prerecorded presentation, which provides an overview of the Blue Ribbon Commission and the strategies moved forward for consideration. Transcript


17-member commission

  • 4 – members are appointed by legislature
  • 1 – Commissioner of DHS, Blue Ribbon Commission Co-Chair
  • 1 – Commissioner of MDH, Blue Ribbon Commission Co-Chair
  • 4 – Experts/leaders in health care, social services, long term care and health and human services technology/systems
  • 2 – Leadership in employer and group purchaser activities (not a health plan)
  • 5 – Public or private leadership, cultural responsiveness, and innovation in the area of health and human services

See commission members

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Meeting dates and handouts

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