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Person-Centered Planning Resources

Resource Links:

  • Benefits Planning Toolkit — helps people see how work is possible, work to their full potential, save money and get ahead financially
  • College of Direct Support — provides training for support staff to help improve person-centered planning. 
  • Positive Supports Minnesota — provides resources, training, and tools including the positive support manual, to assist Lead Agency staff with navigating and understanding Positive Supports protocol. 
  • Housing Toolkit — Introduces support planners to tools to help people with disabilities explore housing options.
  • Informed Choice Toolkit — helps support planners make sure people with disabilities have meaningful choices and self-determination.
  • Institute of Community Integration (ICI) — is a federally designated University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. ICI provides courses focused on person-centered service provision including in-depth person-centered thinking and planning as well as person-centered organizational workshops. 
  • The Minnesota Employment Training and Technical Assistance Center — the mission of MNTAT is to design and broker state of the art person-centered employment training and technical assistance to increase the participation of all Minnesotans, especially people with disabilities. 
  • Quality Supports — showcases promising practices and innovations that promote quality of life for persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
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