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NETStudy 2.0

Information about NETStudy 2.0


Some of the benefits of the transition to NETStudy 2.0 include improved accuracy of background studies and faster results for entities and background study subjects.

Applicant Data Entry Portal

NETStudy 2.0 has an option for background study subjects to enter their own demographic information in the Applicant Data Entry portal.  To use this option, entities must begin the background study and give the background study subject a form (that has an entity's code on it) with information about how to access NETStudy 2.0.  

The background study subject follows the instructions on the form to access the Applicant Data Entry portal to enter their information.  Once completed, the system notifies the entity by email to complete the application.  The entity then verifies the information, completes the remaining parts of the application, and submits it to DHS.  

There is a provider user guide under the HELP function in NETStudy 2.0 that provides detailed instructions about use of the Applicant Data Entry portal.  There is not a separate guide for background study subjects because the form (that the entity gives them) contains all of the information they need to complete their portion of the process.   

Provider and Entity Access to NETStudy 2.0

Providers and entities who are applying to be licensed or registered and must complete DHS background studies must contact the DHS Background Studies Division for a NETStudy 2.0 account.  This also applies to providers and entities that did not complete on-boarding to the new system during the transition period of January 2016 to July 2017.  

Entity Training and Support

NETStudy Roster Import Process

The NETStudy 2.0 Roster Import Process (import process) is the way entities will transfer background study determination statuses of people whose background study was completed in the original NETStudy system to entities’ NETStudy 2.0 rosters. 

Expanded FBI record checks – Possible future Development

Some entities are interested in having FBI record checks and updated FBI information (rap back) apply to all background study subjects.

Feedback and grant information

DHS talked to numerous providers before developing the new NETStudy 2.0 system and is using pilot groups for testing before full implementation.

Stay in touch

Find out how you can receive updated information on the new NETStudy 2.0 and who you can contact with questions.

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