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Changes to background study process and implementation of NETStudy 2.0

Learn what is changing with the background study process that includes scanned electronic fingerprints and photographs.


Some of the benefits resulting from the new background study process include improved accuracy of background studies and faster results for entities and background study subjects.

Fingerprints and photo

Find out where you can go for your fingerprint scan and photograph, the cost and how fingerprints will be used in the background study process.

Implementation and training

DHS will contact entities before they begin the transition to NETStudy 2.0. Free, web-based training on the new system will be available.

NETStudy 2.0 Transition Status – Dec. 30, 2016

Feedback and grant information

DHS talked to numerous providers before developing the new NETStudy 2.0 system and is using pilot groups for testing before full implementation.

Stay in touch

Find out how you can receive updated information on the new NETStudy 2.0 and who you can contact with questions.

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