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“John” was a healthy 17 year old teen who was president of the student body of his high school class. He had plans to enroll in the military service after graduating. John went from having numbness in his hands in the morning and by evening was unable to breathe on his own. John spent many months in the hospital where he was diagnosed with transverse myelitis, a neurological disorder caused by loss of spinal cord function. John had become a quadriplegic and was ventilator dependent.

John’s goal was to graduate with his class. In order for him to return home there were many adaptations that were needed including building a ramp, widening doorways, remodeling a bathroom, specialty equipment and payment for items not covered by medical assistance. John required complex nursing when on the ventilator and eventually 24 hour personal care services.

After graduating from high school, John wanted to attend college and move out of his parent’s home. Options were provided; John did not wish to live in a group home but wanted to have his own apartment. With John’s preferences in mind an apartment setting was found that would meet his needs. John currently has about 20 hours of personal care services daily, attends college and is volunteering in the community. John is gaining confidence in his ability to live alone and has been reducing the amount of personal care time needed. His goal is now to complete college and find employment.

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