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Huelsnitz family

In the spring of 2015, the Huelsnitz’s family grew from two to seven, adopting siblings Caitlyn, 14, Molly, 12, Connor, 10, Logan, 8, and Jaxson, 5, who had spent years in foster care. 

“We always wanted several children,” said Clara, a registered nurse in mental health. She and husband, Brian, a stay-at-home dad, cared for the children as foster parents in their home prior to adopting.

Adoption means great joys, including “getting to know each other as unique individuals and allowing that to grow into a family,” said Clara, and many challenges, “when parents and children aren’t together since birth. This means that two separate groups are growing up and forming a life that the other doesn’t know about. That means different values, upbringing, and expectations.”

Today, in the Huelsnitz’s home, the household “is never quiet and the ‘to-do’ list is never ending,” said Clara.

Caitlyn is happy to finally have a home so she doesn’t have to keep moving, she said.

For those considering adoption, Clara recommends, “Decide as a couple what you are willing to deal with on a daily basis. Then pursue your child or sibling group with all of your heart. Think with your head and listen with your heart.”

For those children still waiting for families, Caitlyn said, “Advocate that you and your siblings should stay together no matter how long it takes because that is what is important.”

Photograph of  Huelsnitz  family
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