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Business analysis supervisor

Position details

  • Business area: MNIT (the state’s information technology agency) in support of DHS Health Care, MNSure, and counties.
  • Education: Bachelor of arts in organizational leadership
  • Length of time at DHS: 2.5 years
  • Location: Twin Cities metro area

Questions and answers

Which benefits do you like the most about DHS?

Pension; flexible scheduling; ability to telecommute (working remotely); helping the people of Minnesota; veteran friendly.

Why are the benefits you chose above the most important to you?

Knowing I'll have the benefit of a pension when I retire is very attractive. It helps my family plan for the long term, and provides a sense of security.

Coming from a large IT consulting company in the private sector, I enjoyed a flexible work schedule and telecommuting. The state's opportunities are even better. As a business analyst working for DHS, I enjoyed working four 10-hour days with every Monday off. I also telecommuted on Fridays. Having a three-day weekend, every weekend was incredible.

What about DHS’s benefits or culture helps you continue to work for DHS?

I love coming to work every day knowing that I will be helping Minnesotans in need.  The civic engagement I feel working with my teammates is very rewarding.

What would you tell a new employee or prospective candidate about a DHS job?

For new employees…Welcome to the state! For prospective employees…Apply!

Do you have a specific or impactful memory while working at DHS?

My wife likes to remind me of how many people my work impacts each day. On one occasion, we were at a large gathering and I was having a bad day. My wife changed my outlook by saying "Just think, there are probably a couple of dozen people here who you help with their health care every year."

What are your hobbies/interests?

I am an avid Vikings fan who enjoys hiking, photography, kayaking and gaming.

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