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Project manager

Position details

  • Business area: Aging and Adult Services
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Length of time at DHS: 2 years
  • Location: Twin Cities metro area

Which benefits do you like the most about DHS?

Health care; pay; flexible scheduling; ability to telecommute (working remotely); helping the people of Minnesota; paid holiday; accrued vacation/sick times; career opportunity and advancement.

Why are the benefits you chose above the most important to you?

Most of my career has been with the state of Minnesota in different agencies. One of the advantages is the ability to be able to obtain a position with another state of Minnesota agency and retain the accrued vacation and sick time from previous positions. Also, the work that I do contributes to the well-being of society, which is an important factor in my job satisfaction.

What about DHS’s benefits or culture helps you continue to work for DHS?

DHS organization has greater opportunities for advancement and its values align with mine in reference to service to others.

What would you tell a new employee or prospective candidate about a DHS job?

I would ask them to reflect on what would bring them satisfaction in their job and have them review DHS' mission and values to see if this aligns with their own goals and values.

Do you have a specific or impactful memory while working at DHS? 

Not a single memory, just the satisfaction that I am helping others that are not able to fully help themselves.

What are your hobbies/interests? 

Reading and traveling.

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