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Community residential supervisor

Position details

  • Business area: Direct Care and Treatment (DCT)
  • Education: Master’s degree in social work
  • Length of time at DHS: 5 years
  • Location: Twin Cities

Questions and answers

Which benefits do you like the most about DHS?

Health care; pay; flexible scheduling; ability to telecommute (working remotely); helping the people of Minnesota; paid holiday; accrued vacation/sick times; career opportunity and advancement. Above all of that, it’s knowing that the impact my work has on the individuals who we serve.

Why are the benefits you chose above the most important to you?

Working for DHS provides you with numerous job opportunities and room for advancement. As a person who holds a master’s degree, I want to be in a position where my skills and experience will be utilized. Having a flexible schedule allows me to have a good work/life balance. As a social worker, DHS has better benefit packages and pays higher wages in comparison to similar positions in the private sector.

What about DHS’s benefits or culture helps you continue to work for DHS?

I have always been surrounded by very supportive peers and managers. I feel that I am valued and my work is appreciated. Working for the state of Minnesota/DHS gives me a strong sense of pride.

What would you tell a new employee or prospective candidate about a DHS job?

I have worked for other agencies in the metro area and DHS has been one of my favorites. At one point, I left for what I thought would be a better position. After about four months at the new position, I returned to DHS.

Do you have a specific or impactful memory while working at DHS?

In my position, I supervise residential foster care homes for children and adults. I once received a phone call from a staff member at one of the sites. They were reporting that one of the individuals in the home had unexpectedly passed away. I arrived to the home around 2 a.m. to find my regional manager in the kitchen mopping the floors. It was not an expectation that he be physically present after an incident such as this. When I asked what he was doing there, he replied, “I came to help!” It was a true example of leadership that I will never forget.

What are your hobbies/interests?

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I look forward to the warmer months in Minnesota so I can take my dog to the dog park and spend time on the tennis court. I love trying new restaurants and watching true crime shows.

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