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Community residential supervisor

Position details

  • Business area: Direct Care and Treatment (DCT)
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in psychology 
  • Length of time at DHS: 6 years 
  • Location: Hopkins 

Questions and answers

Which benefits do you like the most about DHS? 

Health care; pay; flexible scheduling; ability to telecommute (working remotely); helping the people of Minnesota; paid holiday; accrued vacation/sick times; career opportunity and advancement; student loan forgiveness program/tuition reimbursement. It’s like trying to choose my favorite song. There are too many to choose. 

Why are the benefits you chose above the most important to you? 

Having excellent affordable health care and being able to make a positive difference in people's lives are the best. 

What about DHS’s benefits or culture helps you continue to work for DHS? 

Working directly with the people we serve at DHS means I can have the biggest impact possible. 

What would you tell a new employee or prospective candidate about a DHS job? 

Their system is outstanding, and the benefits are so good you almost won’t believe it. If you are ambitious, you can plot out a career advancement path with competitive wages and a pension to boot. 

Do you have a specific or impactful memory while working at DHS? 

My first time working at a group home, I got to meet one of the residents. I had read through his file that he was a very friendly person who loved to meet new people and every once in a while he would say inappropriate things. He got home from work saw me sitting at the table and called me over with a big "Come 'ere a minute!" So I came over, introduced myself and asked how he was doing. He looked up at me and asked if he could have a hug. So I gave him a little side hug, and he looked up at me and yelled, "Now get back to work G—D-----!" After a brief silence, everyone had a good laugh and I got back to work as ordered. I’ve called him boss ever since. 

What are your hobbies/interests? 

Football, gaming, politics

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