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Contract manager (Management Analyst 4)

Position details

  • Business area: Health Care Administration
  • Education: Bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice and French
  • Length of time at DHS: 5 years
  • Location: North

Which benefits do you like the most about DHS?

Health care; pay; flexible scheduling; ability to telecommute (working remotely); helping the people of Minnesota; paid holiday; career opportunity and advancement; student loan forgiveness program/tuition reimbursement; paid parental leave; continuing services

Why are the benefits you chose above the most important to you?

These benefits aligns with my values. I find that the benefits at DHS are better than my previous employment.

What about DHS’s benefits or culture helps you continue to work for DHS?

Being a part of a team/unit that is supportive of me and my goals (personal and professional). The ability to telecommute is a plus!

What would you tell a new employee or prospective candidate about a DHS job?

If you are passionate about helping the people of Minnesota then you should apply! YOU NEVER KNOW UNLESS YOU TRY!

Do you have a specific or impactful memory while working at DHS?

Knowing that my works help people to live a meaningful life.

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