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Financial Operations Division

Carmen Patton-Minder, director, 651-382-5987

The Financial Operations Division provides fiscal services and controls financial transactions of the department. Core functions include preparing financial portions of department budgets, paying department obligations, processing department receipts and preparing employees' payroll. 

The Financial Operations Division performs the following functions: 

Accounts payable 

Processing invoices, entering payments into the state accounting system (SWIFT) for Central Office, managing payroll processing, and processing employee expense reports are accomplished in this area. 

Federal reports and claims 

Federal fiscal estimates and expenditure reports are prepared for all federal programs administered by DHS. 

Revenue maximization 

This division develops and manages fiscal components of various projects to maximize federal financial participation in DHS programs and secure funds for the state General Fund and counties. 

Management reports 

Internal management reports on the financial status of department programs are prepared. 

Receipts processing/federal cash management 

Coordination and standardization of billing processes are accomplished as is the receiving, imaging, depositing and storage of receipt data. 

Cost allocation 

Developing and maintaining federally approved DHS cost allocation plans, including a standard plan most counties use is managed by this areas as is the negotiation of amendments and revisions with the federal government, draws on letters of credit and disbursement of federal administrative cost reimbursements to counties and the state General Fund. 

Systems interface 

This division develops and maintains automated systems interfaces between DHS systems and the state accounting system. 

Program and systems fiscal management 

This division also supports policy divisions in developing and managing programs and related funding systems. This area also establishes financial procedure guidelines and provides technical assistance to local agencies, contractors and Direct Care and Treatment. County financial reports can be found on the fiscal reporting and accounting page on PartnerLink.

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