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About FFN

Providing support for Minnesota Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) Caregivers

FFN Minnesota is here to connect FFN caregivers with local FFN navigators who can provide ongoing support while they care for children. That support comes in many forms: one-on-one meetings with local navigators, training, resource kits and so much more.

Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) Child Caregivers offer legal, unlicensed child care to many families. FFN Caregivers are a frequent choice of care for parents with infants and toddlers, parents in diverse cultural and ethnic communities, and parents working non-standard hour jobs.

Family, friend and neighbor (FFN) caregivers provide child care to many families. FFN caregivers are a frequent choice for parents with infants and toddlers, parents in diverse cultural and ethnic communities and parents working non-standard hours.

Through partnerships with organizations throughout Minnesota, FFN Minnesota and the FFN navigators are here to help by providing resources and support services for all FFN caregivers. FFN navigators work with the Department of Human Services Child Care Services Division to provide direct support to FFN caregivers so that they can provide high quality care to the children they care for and provide an environment that supports early learning, healthy development and improves school readiness.

FFN navigators are located across Minnesota.

Find a Navigator Near You

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Get the support you deserve!

Find a local FFN navigator that can provide you with the support you need – like training and resources to improve and promote children’s health and safety.

Find a navigator near you


Why families rely on FFN caregivers

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You are more than a babysitter

As an FFN caregiver, you provide care outside of the traditional child care system (day cares, day care centers, licensed providers). Becoming a legal non-license provider is an option for caregivers, and allows you to participate in the Child Care Assistance Program. Your local FFN navigator can assist you throughout the LNL Provider process.

Learn more about becoming an LNL Provider
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