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Basic assumptions

Repealing the ACA would roll back Minnesota’s efforts to provide comprehensive coverage for low-income people. We would lose billions of dollars in federal funding. Health care coverage for hundreds of thousands of low-income individuals and families would be at risk. Our efforts to save taxpayer dollars by improving accountability and revamping the delivery of health care would stall.

Under the repeal of the ACA, Minnesota risks losing:

  • Health care coverage for nearly 300,000 people enrolled in Medical Assistance (Minnesota’s Medicaid program) and MinnesotaCare. Losing this coverage would drive up the cost of uncompensated care for providers and could destabilize Minnesota’s safety net system.
  • Nearly $2 billion a year in federal funding for Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare. Maintaining this level of coverage for these populations would have to be funded solely with state dollars.
  • Federal support for efforts to reduce waste, fraud and abuse in public programs. We improved accountability efforts under the ACA, enhancing provider screening and enrollment requirements.
  • Progress on nation-leading approaches to health care that have improved outcomes and saved millions for state and federal taxpayers.
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