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Transcript of MARS Video

Minnesota's Accessible Reading Source

(acoustic guitar music bed underneath)
[begin transcript]
Words are magic – and stories cast a spell on you. (Twinkle sound effect)
You can…
Fall in love in a sweeping romance. (Kiss sound effect)
Ride a bucking bronco in the Wild West. (Horse whinny sound effect)
Solve the next baffling mystery. (“Ohhh!” Vocal sound effect)
Adventure is yours through books.

But what if you can’t see the words?
Minnesota’s Accessible Reading Source – or “MARS” – has thousands of your favorite audio books and magazines.
As an eligible reader, you can download a book or have it sent straight to your door – free and postage paid.
Delores got her book delivered today. (Doorbell sound effect)
Tom just downloaded his. (Computer keyboard sound effect)
Whether you want a book or need an audio book player…
Now there’s just one number to call.
One. Eight hundred… Seven Two Two… Zero Five Five Zero. (1-800-722-0550)
Find your story at Minnesota’s Accessible Reading Source and read happily ever after.

This message is brought to you by State Services for the Blind: Minnesota’s Accessible Reading Source, working in partnership with the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library.
[end transcript]

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