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Reading Topic Highlight Guides

Do you have a favorite genre that you enjoy reading? Perhaps sci-fi, biographies, mystery, history, or historical fiction? Or, do you like to go deep and explore a topic from multiple sources?

We've put together the following topic guides to provide you with a broad sampling of what's available to you through our services. These topics draw from all of the content that's available to our customers, including RTB, NFB-NEWSLINE, and books and magazines produced by the National Library Service or through our own volunteers.

Here are a few tips on using these topic highlight guides:

  1. Each book in a topic is linked to one of our two online catalogs:
    1. Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library Catalog and
    2. State Services for the Blind Library Services. The catalog entry will give you more information.
  2. Click on the author's name to bring up a list of all formats for that title, or other books from that author.
  3. Click on the audio, large print, or braille format links to go directly to that catalog listing.
  4. At the end of each topic guide are links to related topics. Click on the links to find more good reads.
  5. These topic guides aren't complete, so, if there's a particular book or magazine you are interested in, please give us a call; for book titles you can also search our online catalogs.
  6. Remember that if there's a title you'd like to read and it isn't in our collection, we can transcribe it into a format that works for you. We provide custom transcription into Braille, human-voiced audio, or e-text.
  7. Some titles are classified in multiple topic areas, so if a title you are looking for isn't listed under one topic, try another that you think may apply.
  8. Under some topics we've listed RTB programs that are likely to broadcast books and other content within that topic. But, RTB programming is full of interesting surprises, so be sure to check the RTB schedule to learn more. For instance, "Good Night Owl" may alternate titles in contemporary fiction, mystery, and romance.
  9. The individual topic page guides are 2 - 4 pages long. You can print out the entire guide by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. You may want to first browse through the individual topics, as the entire guide is 121 pages of great highlights!


Print entire Reading Topic Highlight Guide

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