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Job Search Strategies

Handling tough interview questions, haggling over salary, job search mistakes - find strategies for making the best of your job search.

Bad Job Interview
We all have had interviews that didn’t go quite the way we hoped. Here’s some ideas on the best strategies for asking for a second chance.
Employers Want You
Employers are offering all kinds of incentives in this tightening labor market; this podcast explores for the more unusual, as well as the tried and true.
Virtual Job Interview
Recruiters are turning to video meetings to speed up hiring and widen their reach.
Don't Let Small Talk Derail a Job Interview
Small Talk Derailing an Interview
You Want a Part-Time Job Now Go Get One
Desk Job
Welcome the Tough Interview Questions
Here's a 5 point strategy for preparing for those tough questions that are an unavoidable part of a job interview.
Haggle Over Salary? It's Not Allowed
Think the starting salary at your new job is negotiable? Think again. Take it or leave it is an emerging trend.
Five Little Known Secrets
Some of the ins and outs of the job application process that you may not have considered before.
Four Options for Easing Job Search Pain
The economy may be in an up-turn, but if you’re still looking for a job, you can be feeling left behind. Here are some tips for addressing the pain that can come with a hard job search.
People Who are Blind Face Social Stigma in Job Search
This podcast takes an in-depth look at misconceptions blind job seekers face through the story of Maura Mazzocca. She remembers with regret being a hiring manager, before she lost her vision, and turning down an applicant who was blind, thinking he couldn’t do the job.
Employers Who Look Beyond Disabilities Find Dedicated Workers
According to this article, increasing labor shortages will mean improved employment rates for people with disabilities. Governor Dayton has issued an Executive order to increase the rate of state employees with a disability to 7 percent by 2018.
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