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Career Management

Own your career with our career management tips. Ask for more money, define professional, survive a bad job, and more.

10 Biggest Misconceptions of Remote Work
Some myths debunked on productivity, communication, and more.
Start with Gratitude
Helpful thoughts on thankfulness, empathy, and perspective.
10 Things Managers Should Never Ask
Ten things a manager should never ask an Employee to Do.
Is Braille Useful on the Job?
In this information and technology age, is print outdated and irrelevant?
How to Find Out What the Boss Really Thinks
Some ideas on how best to ask for useful feedback from your boss.
Write Your Boss that Kiss-Off Letter
Here’s all the factors you should consider when you’re itching to write that letter laying out just how mad you are.
Gaps in Resume
Rising to Your Level of Misery at Work
It's possible to be promoted in to your misery zone. This podcast discusses this not uncommon phenomenon.
The Right Words - How to Ask for More Money
Asking for more money is a little easier if you've thought through your strategy ahead of time. Here are some strategies to consider.
Time to Hone Your Definition of Professional
What is considered "professional" can be interpreted widely. Here are a few solid guidelines to follow.
Health Care Opens Stable Careers
An in-depth look at careers in healthcare, and the advantages of stability, advancement, job satisfaction and financial security that many women have found there.
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