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Browse the Online Catalog of SSB Braille and Audio Books

SSB has an online library catalog of over 8,000 Audio and Braille books that it has produced. The portal that provides this web-based service is called PALS. PALS also provides online catalog access for all of the Minnesota State College and Universities, many private and university libraries, state government agencies, public libraries, and special libraries. PALS holds nearly 5 million records.

Find Your Book

Here are some basic ways to search for a book using the PALS catalog:

  • Keywords
    • This is the broadest search you can do on PALS. A key word search is done on PALS by typing a keyword in the search box entitled "All Fields." This prompts PALS to search many different parts of a catalog record including keywords, subject, notes, title, and other information. You can enter a single word to search, or as many as four. If you enter more than one word, the computer will find records that contain ALL of the words (using boolean logic).
  • Title
    • For a title search, click on "title" from the drop down menu then type the complete title or a few words from the title in the search box.
  • Author
    • To search by the author of a work, select "author" from the drop down box. For this search, type the author's last name, first name and middle name or initial. Do not include punctuation.
  • Subject headings
    • Select Subject from the drop down box and the computer will search for the broad topic of the book. This search is not concerned with exact word order so it is often easier to use to locate materials on a particular topic.

Specify SSB

Make sure that Minnesota State Services for the Blind is selected in the drop down box entitled "Location."

Viewing An Entry

From the list of books you have found in your search, click on the title you wish to select. For a Full View of the record, click on the tab entitled Staff View. For an Amazon review of the book (if one is available) click on the tab entitled Review.

Obtaining a Book

After you find the books you are interested in, qualified users simply follow the contact information on each record to request a download of the book. A link to the book will be sent to you by email.

Get Help

If you need help finding the book you are looking for or accessing the digital book, SSB has staff trained to help you locate your book and answer any questions you might have. For assistance, call 651-539-1422 or email

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