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Senior Services

The Senior Services Unit (SSU) serves blind and visually impaired persons having difficulty with daily independent living tasks. Examples include problems with reading, meal preparation, travel, self-care, and emotional adjustment to blindness. The SSU serves only individuals who are not seeking competitive employment. While serving persons of all ages, the vast majority of people served by SSU are over the age of 55. They frequently have a variety of physical and sensory issue associated with aging.

The types of services that are provided by the SSU or through referrals may include low vision aids and other adaptive devices, travel skill training, training in daily living skills, rehabilitation counseling, referral and advocacy services, and Communication Center services such as talking books and the Radio Talking Book. Other services may also be provided that support the goal of independent living.

Services are provided directly by SSU staff and by a network of private vendors and volunteers, including peer supports in order to assist customers live more independently.

Services may be provided in local areas ("hubs") in such places as senior centers, public libraries, and churches. Services may be one-on-one, in a group setting or through information seminars. Services are provided throughout the state by 17 staff located in select SSB offices throughout the state.

To learn more about or receive services from SSU call the toll free number: 800-652-9000 or TTY/TDD 888-665-3276. Ed Lecher supervises this unit and can be contact at 651-539-2324 or by email at

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