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Braille Services

The Braille Section of the Communication Center converts printed material to braille by request for students, adults, businesses and organizations throughout Minnesota. Textbooks and other educational materials are transcribed for students in kindergarten through graduate school. These include math, science, computer, foreign language and music books. Manuals, training materials and other items are transcribed for braille readers who are employed. Leisure materials, such as cookbooks, are also transcribed.

Each book requested is researched nationally to determine if it has been, or is being, transcribed into braille anywhere else in the United States. Available titles are purchased for the requester by the Communication Center. Likewise, the Braille Section sells copies of transcribed materials to other states. If the book is not available, then it is assigned to one of the volunteer or staff braillists for transcription.

Braille materials for personal use are provided free to individuals who are blind or visually impaired throughout Minnesota. Under a contractual agreement between SSB and the Minnesota Department of Education, MDE provides funds that cover most of the cost of providing Braille to children and youth in grades K - 12. There is a Fee for Service for schools, colleges and universities, businesses, government and nonprofit organizations.

Further information can be obtained by calling 651-539-2307 or TTY/TDD 888-665-3276. Jay Maruska is the supervisor of this unit and can be contacted at 651-539-2307 or by email at

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