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Open Meeting Law Summary

The Minnesota Open Meeting Law (OML), Minn.Stat. Chap. 13D (opens in new browser window), requires that meetings of governmental boards and commissions generally be open to the public. The purpose of the OML is to ensure that decisions are made in the open and that the public has the right to be present and informed about the decisions of governmental entities. Boards are also required to give public notice of their meetings and keep official records of votes and actions. SSB executive director supports the OML as our process.

In support of the OML, a quorum of SRCB members cannot "meet" outside of the public process. Purely social gatherings are not a meeting, but members need to make sure that they do not use those gatherings to discuss public business. Email cannot be used to conduct discussions of matters before the board with a quorum of members (either individually or through serial entails).

The OML allows certain kinds of meetings, or parts of meetings to be closed. The open meeting law does not apply to any state agency, board, or commission when exercising quasi-judicial functions involving disciplinary hearings. Intentional violations of the OML can subject members to a $300 fine. Three intentional violations can result in additional fines and forfeiture of membership.

More information is available at (opens in new browser window).
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