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Compensation and Expense Reimbursement

Non-State Employees SRC-B

Every individual and organization doing business with the state is considered a vendor. This includes members of the SRC-B. Members of the SRC-B must register as a vendor in the Supplier Portal which is part of (SWIFT) State Wide Integrated Financial Tools. The Supplier Portal allows vendors to login, view payment detail and update contact information. It is important to keep your contact information current in order to receive your payment and as part of your vendor record. To learn more about the Supplier Portal and Vendor Resources please visit their website.

To register for an account visit this site.

For questions on Registering as a Supplier please contact the MMB Supplier Help Line at

Members of the SRC-B may be eligible to receive a per diem of $55 a day plus expense reimbursement as authorized by the commissioner's plan for each day spent on authorized council activities. These activities include meetings and conferences approved by the council and are at least two hours or more.

Council members who incur child care expenses that they would not have otherwise incurred, may be reimbursed for those expenses upon prior Council authorization. Members who are state employees or employees of a political subdivision do not receive daily compensation. In order to receive your per diem or reimbursements you must have registered in SWIFT and your information must be current and a non-employee expense report form must be completed and signed appropriately. Members of the SRC-B should work with the staff liaison in order to ensure accuracy in the completion of the forms.

SRC-B Committees and Task Forces

Individuals who are not SRC-B members but serve on Council committees and task forces cannot receive the per diem. However, an individual may receive a special expense reimbursement as authorized in the commissioner's plan. This reimbursement of special expenses must be prior authorized and approved prior to incurring an actual expense. For example child care expenses, that otherwise would not have been incurred, may be reimbursed upon prior council authorization. This expense would be subject to approval by the commissioner prior to incurring the expense.

Expense reimbursement under the Commissioner's Plan

  1. Privately-Owned Vehicles: a member may be reimbursed at the rates specified below:
    1. Use of privately owned automobile at current IRS mileage rate.
    2. Use of a personal van or van-type vehicle specially equipped with a ramp, lift, or other level exchanging device designed to provide wheelchair access at current IRS mileage rate.
  2. Maximum reimbursement amount for meals, including tax and gratuity.
    • Breakfast $9.00 leave before 6:00 a.m. or is away from home overnight and must provide a receipt for reimbursement.
    • Lunch $11.00 more than 35 miles away from home or is away from home overnight
    • Dinner $16.00 arrive home after 7:00 p.m. or is away from home overnight and must provide a receipt for reimbursement.
    • (Slightly higher amounts are available in specific metro areas)
  3. Hotel and motel accommodations provided that members exercise good judgment in incurring lodging costs and that the charges are reasonable and consistent with the facilities available. Receipts for overnight stays for council meetings must be submitted for reimbursement.
  4. Long distance phone calls incurred in travel status as part of Council, committee, or task force business.
  5. Personal telephone calls, up to $3.00 per night away from home and must be documented and requires a receipt for reimbursement.
  6. Parking fees and toll charges, Requires a receipt.

SRC-B members who are on committees, and task forces may submit expenses for a driver or other reasonable accommodation expenses for these meetings on their non-employee expense report. For this type of expense please contact Susan Kusz for clarification on whether your expense(s) will be cover prior to the meeting. SRC-B members may receive reimbursement for driver fees at a reasonable hourly rate. Expenses for the driver will be reimbursed at the same rate as the SRC-B member.

Your travel expenses may be paid for by State Services for the Blind. Contact Susan Kusz for details.

Reference: Minn. Stat. 15.059

Non-Employee Expense Report and Instructions

SRC-B members are required to submit an expense form for payment of their per diem and other expenses. The SRC-B staff liaison Susan Kusz assists in completing the Non-Employee Expense Report for council members. Once the form is completed the staff liaison will ask the SRC-B member to sign the expense report form prior to submitting it to the deputy direction for signature.

Receipts for travel to and from the meetings and any other expenses are expected to be received via email no later than 3 days after the meeting. After getting the needed signatures the staff liaison then submits the Non-Employee Expense forms to the appropriate department for processing the payment. If you do not receive your payment please notify the SRC-B staff liaison Susan Kusz.

Out of State Travel

If the SRC-B has selected you to attend a conference out of state, Susan Kusz will coordinate with you and make your hotel reservation and register you for the conference. You will be required to pay your own air travel and some other expenses (baggage, ground transportation, meals) in advance of reimbursement. The receipts for these items will be needed for submission and reimbursement.

Use of Form

The State Program Administration staff liaison will be sure all data is accurate and included on your form for submission and work with the financial department to assure that reimbursement is accurate to the council members. Note: any missing information will delay the processing of the expense report and your refund or payment.

The Non-Employee Expense Report form is used for the following purposes:

  1. To reimburse non-employees for authorized travel expense, per diem and/or private auto usage in the conduct of departmental business.
  2. To request reimbursement for small cash purchases paid by non-employees.
Copies and distribution
  • An original is required in Financial Services.
  • Non-employee must keep a copy for tax records.
  • Use more than one page, if necessary, with ALL top lines filled out.

Completing the Form

The staff liaison takes responsibility in the accuracy and completion of these forms for the council members. If at any time a council member prefers to complete the form on their own, they can do so. The forms are not in an easily accessible format this is why assistance it provided.

If you decide you would like to proceed on our own please be sure the appropriate boxes are checked to indicate whether this is a request for in-state or out-of-state travel. The correct cost center code to be charged also must be entered.

Your name, address, relationship to DEED (i.e., name of board or council), social security number, and travel period must be accurate. A line for each day of travel should be completed on the report as follows:

  • DATE: Enter only the day of the month unless the travel period extends into a second month. In that case, enter both the month and the day.
  • TIME: Indicate time of departure or arrival wherever breakfast or dinner are claimed.
  • DEPARTURE-ARRIVAL: On travel days enter both the departure and arrival points. On days when no travel occurs, enter the place where the expense was incurred in the "Departure" column.
  • PVT. CAR MILES: Under "Trip Miles" enter number of miles for shortest direct route between "From" and "To" points.
  • Under "Local Miles" show actual odometer miles of driving necessary to accomplish purpose of trip after reaching destination. NOTE: If using a private care for out-of-state travel, enter coach class airfare in space provided above signature.
  • Enter amounts for MEALS; LODGING; OTHER EXPENSE; AIR, RAIL, BUS FARE, TAXI,CAR RENTAL AND PARKING; CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FEES; AND PER DIEM in the appropriate columns only if you incurred these expenses out of pocket.

Be sure to enter ITEM as well as AMOUNT under OTHER EXPENSE. Enter actual amounts up to the limits set for the Commissioner's Plan. Do not enter more than the set limit for any item. For meals, check the Commissioner's Plan for the conditions under which meals may be claimed. If a conference registration fee includes meals, enter whatever portion of the fee is designated for meals under the appropriate meals column, and the remainder under Conference Registration.

Receipts for all expenses

Receipts for all expenses must be attached to the reimbursement form at the time of submission.


You are required to sign your expense form before it can be submitted. SRC-B members are asked to sign their form at the regular meetings or with an electronic signature. If you are submitting committee meeting expenses or Out of State travel expenses please contact the staff liaison for more information.

There is an additional signature that is required prior to submitting your expense form. This signature is that of the Deputy Director Brianna Holeman. The staff liaison will acquire this signature which is an initial approval of your expenses after all expenses have been entered on your form. Again, all receipts must be attached and your signature on the form.


Please contact Susan Kusz at 651-539-2271 if you have questions about how to complete this form.

No not Mail in your form

If you are unable to complete or sign in person or via electronic means please contact Susan Kusz. Do not mail your form to the address on it. Please mail your form to Susan Kusz at the following address:

State Services for the Blind
2200 University Avenue West, Suite 240
St. Paul, MN 55114-1840
Attn: Susan Kusz

**Do not send to address on form.

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