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Senior Services Committee

SSB Staff

Ed Lecher


The Senior Services Committee exists to assist SSB to improve and expand services to blind, visually impaired, or deafblind Minnesotans who are not interested in employment. These customers face significant barriers to independence, but they can benefit from services which help maintain or increase their independence. Activities include identifying unmet needs, recommending services necessary to meet these needs and identifying strategies to remove or reduce barriers to their independence.

The product of this committee must include an annual report to the full Council detailing their recommendations on improving and expanding services to senior blind, visually impaired and deafblind Minnesotans.


With the approval of the SRC-B, the Council chairperson shall appoint members and a chairperson for this committee. The majority of this committee should be seniors. Not all members of the committee need be members of the SRC-B but shall include at least two Council members, one of whom is the liaison to the Statewide Independent Living Council, if serving. This committee shall consist of no more than seven persons.

Rules, Relationships, Authorities, and Resources

For information which applies to all committees, please see General Information section.

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