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Customer Satisfaction & Goals and Priorities Committee

SSB Staff

Jennifer Beilke

Jon Benson


This committee exists to carry out specific duties contained in federal regulation for the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program. These include:

  1. 1. Conduct a review and analysis of the effectiveness of and consumer satisfaction with:
    • The functions of the Department of Employment and Economic Development,
    • Vocational Rehabilitation services provided within the state (except adjustment to blindness and technology services), and
    • The employment outcomes of persons served.
  2. In collaboration with SSB, evaluate the extent to which SSB achieved its goals and priorities, strategies used, and factors that impeded success and performance on the federal standards and indicators.
  3. Jointly with other committees of the Council, and in partnership with SSB, develop and, as necessary, revise an annual statement of goals and priorities.

The product of this committee must include a statement of goals and priorities, a customer satisfaction report, and a joint report with SSB on progress made in improving the effectiveness of the VR program, including progress concerning goals and priorities. Quarterly progress shall be reported to the Council.


With the approval of the SRC-B, the Council chairperson shall appoint members and a chairperson for this committee. Not all committee members need be members of the SRC-B but the committee shall include at least two Council members. The committee shall consist of no more than five persons.

Rules, Relationships, Authorities, and Resources

For information which applies to all committees, please see General Information section.

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