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Table: Explanation of Common Acronyms

AAT Assistive and Adaptive Technology Unit of State Services for the Blind which provides assistance with assistive and adaptive technology
ATB Adjustment to Blindness -
ACB American Council Of The Blind Consumer organization of the blind
APH American Printing House for the Blind Products and services (nationwide)
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act -
BEP Business Enterprises Program Develops self-employment business opportunities for legally blind vendors
BLIND, Inc. Blindness: Learning In New Dimensions, Inc. Adjustment-to-blindness rehabilitation program
CAP Client Assistance Project A free advocacy program that is required by federal law to make sure people with disabilities get the services they need from SSB or RS
CFR Code of Federal Regulations Contains elaborations on the Rehabilitation Act
CRP Community Rehabilitation Program Examples: BLIND, Inc.; Duluth Lighthouse for the Blind; Vision Loss Resources
CRC Certified Rehabilitation Counselor -
CRCC Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification Commission which oversees the certification of Certified Rehabilitation Counselors
CSAVR Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation -
DEED Department of Employment and Economic Development MN department in which SSB is housed
DHS Department of Human Services -
DSU Designated State Unit State Services for the Blind is the designated state unit for rehabilitation services for persons who are blind, visually impaired or DeafBlind in Minnesota
HKNC Helen Keller National Center National Center that serving people who are DeafBlind
IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Federal law governing educational services for children with disabilities
IEP Individual Education Program Document outlining the educational services that a child receiving special education is to receive in school. The plan is developed by the parents, child, and school personnel.
IPE Individual Plan for Employment Document prepared by the counselor and the client of vocational rehabilitation outlining what services will be provided to the client as part of his/her rehabilitation.
MDE MN Department of Education -
MNBTBL MN Braille and Talking Book Library The MN subdivision of the NLS. Formerly known as the Minnesota Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
NBPCB National Blind Professional Certification Board -
NCSAB National Council of State Agencies for the Blind -
NFB National Federation of the Blind Consumer organization of the blind
NLS National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped A division of the Library of Congress which provides books, magazines, and music in alternate formats for persons who are blind or physically handicapped
PACER Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights Advocacy organization for children with disabilities
RCB State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind Also referred to as SRC-B
RRCEP Regional Rehabilitation Continuing Education Program Provides training to state agencies on rehabilitation services
Formerly RFB&D Learning Ally (Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic) Produces textbooks in alternate formats (nationwide)
RSA Rehabilitation Services Administration Federal agency which oversees state rehabilitation services for persons who are blind or who have physical disabilities
RTB Radio Talking Book Program of the Communication Center at SSB.
Nationally known as the Minnesota Radio Talking Book Network.
SILC Statewide Independent Living Council Council appointed by the governor to develop the statewide plan for Independent living. The SRC-B includes a liaison from SILC.
SRC-B State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind Also referred to as RCB
SSA Social Security Administration Federal agency which administers Social Security programs including SSI and SSDI.
SSB State Services for the Blind -
SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance Income available to workers who become disabled
SSI Supplemental Security Income Federal income source for persons who are aged, blind, or disabled.
SSU Senior Services Unit Unit of State Services for the Blind which provides independent living services to persons who are blind and DeafBlind
UB United Blind Consumer organization of the blind
VLR Vision Loss Resources Adjustment-to-blindness rehabilitation program
VR Vocational Rehabilitation -
WDU Workforce Development Unit Previously known or referred to as WFD
WIA Workforce Investment Act Federal law governing work force centers and containing provisions governing vocational rehabilitation
WIOA Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act A historic bipartisan piece of legislation that reauthorizes and amends the Workforce Investment Act.
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