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New Member Orientation Material

The New Member Orientation Material is for newly appointed council members to familiarize themselves with meeting requirements and duties as a council member.


Welcome and congratulations on your appointment to the Minnesota State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind (SRC-B).

Open Meeting Law Summary

Information regarding the open meeting law.

Minn. Stat. 248.10 Rehabilitation Council for the Blind

Minn. Stat. 248.10 implemented for the Rehabilitation Council for the Blind.

Mission and Vision

Mission and vision of the SRC-B.

Minnesota Governmental Data Practices

The Minnesota Governmental Data Practice Act governs the classification and public access to government data, including the data of state boards and commissions.

Ethical Standards for Public Officials

Ethical standards for board members.

Descriptions of Unit Activities at SSB

Descriptions of unit activities at SSB.

SRC-B Committees and Recurring Task Forces

Committees and Recurring Task Forces of the SRC-B.

Compensation and Expense Reimbursement

Information for members on compensation.

SSB Funding Budget

SSB Funding Budgets.

SRC-B Workplan 2023

The SRC-B workplan for 2023.

Consumer Organizations

Consumer organizations for SRC-B.

Communications Guidelines for Meetings with Deafblind Members

Guidelines to use in communications for meetings with deafblind members.


Acronyms used by the SRC-B.


Members of the State Rehabilitation Council - Blind.

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