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Reception and Resource Area Certification Program (RRACP) is a staff development training program opened to anyone interested in participating in any of the online training units. However, obtaining certification in one of the Workforce Customer Representative (WCR) designations requires RRACP registration and program compliance.

Training focuses on seven key areas: 1) Staff mentorship, 2) WorkForce Center System functions, 3) Customer service, 4) Population awareness, 5) Resource Area functions, 6) Self-service options and 7) Job searching and career planning activities.

WCR I, II and III designation roles and training modules:

  • WCR I – Reception staff:
    • Provides assistance with initial inquiries, WFC information and direction to resources
    • Module 2 required
  • WCR II – Resource staff:
  • Provides assistance with resource area functions, self service options, and job searching and career planning activities
  • Modules 2 and 3 required

WCR III – Guidance staff:

  • Provides WCR I & II staffs assistance with the certification process, monitors and tracks their progress and facilitates training on core competencies
  • Modules 1, 2 and 3 required

Certification in one of the above designations requires completion of the referenced module(s) in addition to demonstration of learned competencies by successfully completing the corresponding competency record for each training unit within a module at a minimum of eighty percent mastery. In addition, prior approval of WCR designation level from a supervisor is required for Workforce Center staff. Additionally, continuing education hours are required every 3 years to maintain certifications.

Participants possessing experience or training in a specific area or Global Career Development Facilitator certified may petition to waive equivalent training units. Participants are still required to complete a competency record for each waived training unit. To file a petition, go to the Documents section of the RRACP website, download and complete the Training Equivalency Form and send to RRACP administrator for evaluation.

RRACP administrator contact information:

Lisa Snyder 
First National Bank Building 
332 Minnesota Street, E200 
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101
Phone 651-259-7584 
Fax: 651-215-3842 

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