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Reception and Resource Area Certification Program (RRACP)


The Reception and Resource Area Certification Program (RRACP) trains and certifies WorkForce Center (WFC) staffs in a baseline of WFC and job searching competencies that are designed to effectively serve the universal customer and offers three designations that reflect the roles of staff: Workforce Customer Representative I, II and III.

RRACP is administered and maintained by DEED and offered to state, county and non-profit workforce development agencies throughout the state at no charge.


Reception and Resource Area Certification Program (RRACP) is a staff development training program opened to anyone interested in participating in any of the online training units.


Find forms for registering for training, read a brochure about the program, and more.


Progress of registered Reception and Resource Area Certification Program (RRACP) participants are tracked on this page. Each list records the names of participants and their completed competencies.

Training Schedule and Registration

Training is delivered via classroom, webinars and online recordings. Registration is required for scheduled classroom or webinar training, but not to view online recordings.

Online Training Modules

RRACP's online format allows for easy access to recorded training units anywhere at anytime - all that is needed is a computer and Windows Media Player.  Each module contains recordings, PowerPoints and related handouts for each training unit.

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