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Forms and Tools

Here we offer these frequently requested forms and tools. Select the link to download, print or save to your computer.


Case Management Models
Models for occupational skills training, work search, on-the-job training, and re-employment TAA, plus a glossary of terms.

Apprenticeship Agreement Word
On-the-Job Training Contract Contact Program Staff
On-the-Job Training Cover Letter PDF
RTAA Application PDF
TAA Computer and High Technology Tools Request PDF
TAA Counselor Handbook PDF
TAA Customer Handbook 2015 Law (Petitions 85,000+) PDF
TAA Job Search Allowance Application PDF
TAA Mileage Reimbursement Application Contact Program Staff
TAA Relocation Allowance Application PDF
TAA Training Application PDF (NEW 12/18)
TAA Training Modification Application Word
TAA Training Progress Report PDF
TAA Training Waiver of Training Form and Instructions PDF
TRA Eligibility during Summer Breaks PDF
TRA Handbook (Petitions 81,000+) PDF

Cash Advance Payment Request (Form # MN-DEED-AFS-03) Contact Program Staff
Dislocated Worker Final Report Excel
Dislocated Worker Project Specific Plan Proposal Word
Early Readjustment Assistance Grant Final Report Word
Early Readjustment Assistance Grant Request Word
Financial Status Report (Form # MN-DEED-AFS-04) Contact Program Staff
Modification Request (WIOA Adult, WIOA DW, State DW and Mass Layoff) Word
Project (Mass Layoff) Contract Modification Information Word
Reimbursement Payment Request (Form # MN-DEED-AFS-02) Contact Program Staff
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