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State Contacts

for the Dislocated Worker and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) programs

Below is a list of contact information for the Dislocated Worker program state staff located in DEED's office in St. Paul.

If you have any questions related to the Dislocated Worker program or associated projects, do not hesitate to contact anyone on this list.

Name Phone Unit
General TAA 651-259-7543 or 888-234-1330 TAA
General RR Contact 651-259-7537 Rapid Response
Trade Readjustment Allowance Apply online at uimn.org TRA
Jennifer Anderson 651-259-7690 TAA
Marla Beaty 218-259-1380 Rapid Response
Cindy Boyle 651-259-7596 Adult Career Pathways
Tamika Brewer 651-259-7588 TAA
Amy Carlson  651-259-7542 DW/Federal Adult Programs
Lynn Dahn 651-259-7529 Adult Career Pathways
Laura Dale  651-259-7519 Rapid Response
Mohamed Farah 651-259-7505 TAA
Lensa Idossa 651-259-7509 DW/Federal Adult Programs
Enock Kakuuku 651-785-1259 Adult Career Pathways
Anne Kukowski 651-259-7530 Adult Career Pathways
Laurie Larson 651-259-7681 TAA
Ann Malz 651-259-7593 TAA
Liz McLoone 651-259-7145  Rapid Response
Ann Meyers 651259-7174 Adult Career Pathways
John Mohs 651-259-7535 Rapid Response
Heather Moore 651-259-7560 DW/Federal Adult Programs
Claire Nelligan 651-259-7573 Adult Career Pathways
Crystal Nickles 651-259-7553 TAA
Meg Odanga 651-259-7551 TAA
Claudette Parchment-Roehrich 651-259-7516 TAA
Vanessa Roman 651-259-7578 Adult Career Pathways
Sarah Saito 651-259-7546 TAA
Thomas Sommer 651-259-7585 TAA
Kokulo James Supuwood 651-259-7586 DW/Federal Adult Programs
Jaclyn Umlauf 218-739-7560 TAA
Claudia Ursulescu Kracht 651-259-7532 DW/Federal Adult Programs
Jason Wadell 651-259-7552 Rapid Response
Olajide Williams 651-259-7431 TAA
Mee Yang 651-259-7548 Rapid Response
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