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speed-testThe Minnesota Office of Broadband Development is charged by law with measuring and monitoring broadband internet access levels throughout the state. In order to increase policy-makers understanding of the consumer experience, we are asking the public to report on the type and speed of internet they are buying and experiencing at their homes and businesses.

The maps generated by this survey will be displayed here for the public as well as incorporated into the information that is provided annually to the governor and legislature.

Please take 5 minutes to run the test and pass the link along to friends and family because the larger the sampling the better the results.


Internet Speed Test Variability

All internet speed test results vary due to factors including but not limited to time of day, number of devices connected, and bandwidth consumed during test. While the results of this test will give a general idea of the speed of your service at the time the test is run, it is not a definitive measurement of your individual network connection. The results of these tests will be aggregated and used to identify general broadband trends across the state.

Your Privacy

We value your privacy, and will not collect any personal information. We will incorporate your general location in the aggregate data. 


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For questions regarding CheckSpeed Minnesota, contact deed.broadband@state.mn.us

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