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RFP for Municipal Advisor

Minnesota Public Facilities Authority RFP for Municipal Advisor

May 2022

The Minnesota Public Facilities Authority issues debt to provide capital for three revolving loan fund programs. The purpose of this procurement is to select a single municipal advisor firm to advise and assist the Authority in:

  • debt issuance;
  • potential amendments to or replacement of existing bond resolutions or indentures;
  • potential creation of such documents for new programs;
  • a broad range of issues related to public finance.

The Authority intends to use the contractor’s services to:

  • minimize to cost of issuance and maintenance of debt;
  • maintain existing AAA credit ratings;
  • enhance the decision-making capabilities of the Authority in debt issuance and management;
  • continually improve the Authority’s post-issuance compliance policies and procedures;
  • maximize the effective use of its State Revolving Funds.

Master Bond Resolution

Projected Revenue Certificate

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