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September 2015

This issue of Minnesota Economic Trends includes three stories about occupations and wages. We look at which occupations distinguish each region in Minnesota as well as how the occupational mix in metro areas of Minnesota compares with other metro areas nationwide. The third looks at wage and salary growth in the state.

Another article provides an analysis of the challenges ex-offenders face in getting back into the workforce.

Finally, the issue has two career information stories; an overview of DEED’s new Career Profile tool and a career profile on environmental and civil engineering.

Download the full PDF of this issue or select the links below to view individual stories.

Letter from the Editor

Minnesota's diverse array of industries is frequently cited as one of the strengths of our economy.

Engineering Our Environment

Environmental engineers play an important role in helping to protect Minnesota’s land, water and air.

Distinguishing Features

From health care in Southeast Minnesota to manufacturing in Central Minnesota, each region of the state has a concentration of occupations that distinguishes it from other parts of the state.

Metro Occupational Mixes

Occupational concentrations vary from one region of the country to the next. Here’s a look at how the job mix in Minnesota metros stacks up with the rest of the U.S.

Prisoners' Dilemma

Finding a job is one of the biggest barriers faced by people who are released from prison.

Show Me the Money

Total wage and salary income in Minnesota has climbed in 78 of the last 85 years before accounting for inflation, but the rate of growth has slowed in recent years.

Exploring Career Options

DEED’s new Career and Education Explorer tool is making it easier than ever for people to gather specific career information on topics like wages, job demand, educational requirements and more.

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