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March 2014-Minnesota Economic Trends

The March issue of Trends features a cover story on the trucking and transportation sector. Minnesota alone is expected to have 23,600 openings for truck, bus and other commercial driving jobs between 2010 and 2020. Demand is growing so fast that Tom Gierok, driving instructor at Southeast Technical in Winona, says he has a 100 percent placement rate for people who want to be truck drivers.

This issue also includes stories on employment rates for people with disabilities, labor market outcomes for people with post-secondary degrees and the six measures of unemployment compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Download the full PDF file or select the links below to view individual stories.

Letter from the Editor

Like a lot of industries these days, the trucking and transportation sector is thinking about its future workforce.

On the Road

The outlook for driving occupations in Minnesota is strong, with 23,600 job openings anticipated between 2010 and 2020.

Measuring Employment Outcomes for Graduates

How successful are students at finding quality jobs and stable employment after graduation? Minnesota is part of a new initiative that is helping to answer those questions.

The Great Recession and Disability Employment

People with disabilities in Minnesota are more likely to be employed than in other parts of the country, but they still haven’t fully recovered from the effects of the recession.

Measuring Unemployment

The official monthly unemployment rate, known as U3, is just one of the ways to measure national and state unemployment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has five other unemployment classifications, depending on what criteria are used.

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