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December 2014 - Minnesota Economic Trends

The cover stories in this issue of Trends look at jobs in the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and math. Overall, career prospects are strong for people with STEM degrees, even in professions outside the field. The health care sector, in particular, offers excellent job opportunities and good pay for people with STEM-related degrees.

Another story looks at how the approaching gray wave of retiring baby boomers will affect the labor force and economy in Minnesota. Other stories in this issue look at DEED’s new Cost of Living tool, the increasing use of Minnesota WorkForce Centers by unemployed customers, the changing face of manufacturing and four in-demand careers that require only certificates or licenses.

Download a full pdf of this issue or select the links below to view individual stories.

Letter From the Editor

As one of 76.4 million baby boomers in the United States, I took special interest in Dave Senf's story in this issue about how retiring baby boomers will affect the Minnesota labor market.

Rewards of a STEM Education

STEM degrees in Minnesota offer plenty of career opportunities, including jobs outside of core STEM industries.

A Healthy Dose of STEM Jobs

STEM jobs in health care are expected to be plentiful and well-paying in the coming years.

WorkForce Centers Reaching More Customers

The percentage of unemployed Minnesotans using resources at some of the state’s WorkForce Centers exceeded 20 percent in 2013.

Calculating the Cost of Living

DEED’s new Cost of Living tool is providing valuable information to employers, job seekers, policymakers and economic planners in Minnesota.

Boomer Retirement Wave is Here

Job growth in Minnesota is anticipated to slow in the near future as more baby boomers retire and the labor market tightens.

The Changing Face of MN Manufacturing

Most manufacturing sectors in the state have seen some employment growth since 2009, but some are doing better than others as the industry evolves.

No College Required

Certificates and licenses can be the ticket to a good job in some occupations in Minnesota.

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