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December 2013 - Minnesota Economic Trends

The December issue of Trends features a cover story on the rapidly growing craft brewing industry in Minnesota. Beer production in the state has grown 83 percent in the last decade, climbing from 218,691 barrels in 2003 to 390,962 barrels in 2012. Many people, like Summit Brewing founder Mark Stutrud, think there's room for even more growth.

This issue also includes stories on the latest Hiring Difficulties Survey (this time on manufacturing), the evolving job mix in Minnesota, employment in the state's 25 largest cities, and the number of jobs and types of industries that would be affected by raising the minimum wage.

Download the full PDF file or select the links below to view individual stories.

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Roll Out the Barrels

Minnesota’s burgeoning craft beer industry produced nearly 391,000 barrels last year — an 83 percent increase in the past decade.

Minnesota's Evolving Labor Market

A record number of Minnesotans are working, but their occupations and how much they are paid are changing as the state transitions to a knowledge-based economy.

Employment in Minnesota's Top 25 Cities

While Minnesota has recovered all the jobs that were lost in the recession, many of the state’s largest cities remain below their pre-recessionary employment levels.

Hiring Difficulties in the Manufacturing Sector

With two-thirds of manufacturing vacancies in the state classified as hard to fill, employers are getting creative in their search for workers, including training new hires internally.

Minnesota's Low Wage Sector

Minnesota’s Low-Wage Sector - Thousands of Minnesota workers will be affected if a proposal to raise the state’s minimum wage to $9.50 an hour is approved.

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