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September 2015 Minnesota Employment Review

Download this issue in PDF or use the links below to select an article.

Micropolitan Statistical Areas

Micropolitans are smaller dynamic communities that power their counties. Here's proof.

Isn't This a Civil-ized Career!

If you want your children to look after you well in your golden years, bring them up to be civil engineers. Here is an in-depth discussion of a well-paying field, especially in SW Minnesota.

Featuring the Regional Analysts

Ever wondered who really has the skinny on your particular area? The regional analysts are the folks who know their areas in depth. They see all, they know all, they tell all. Here’s who they are and which area they know best.

Industrial Analysis

An analysis of what industries saw employment growth both from August 2014 to August 2015

Regional Analysis

A regional breakdown of job growth for August 2015

Minnesota Economic Indicators

A comprehensive look at economic indicators for August 2015, including the Minnesota and U.S. Indices.

Consumer Price Index

Information on the U. S. Consumer Price Index for August 2015

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