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Regional Analysis

by Nick Dobbins

November 2015

Monthly analysis is based on unadjusted employment data.

Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)

Employment in the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington MSA was up in October, adding 12,786 jobs (0.7 percent). Government employment had another month of large gains, up 7,352 (3 percent) over September estimates. As is generally the case this time of year, the Government increases were driven largely by Local Government Educational Services, where hiring traditionally picks up with the start of the school year every fall. Professional and Business Services also had a big month, adding 5,116 or 1.6 percent. Leisure and Hospitality had the biggest monthly job loss, down 5,922 (3.1 percent). Annually, the metro area added 34,459 jobs (1.8 percent). The largest annual job gains came in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, which added 15,117 jobs (5 percent), followed by Leisure and Hospitality, which added 10,022 (5.8 percent). The steepest annual drops came in Mining, Logging, and Construction (down 1,691 or 2.1 percent), Government (down 1,637 or 0.7 percent), and Other Services (down 1,511, 1.9 percent).

Duluth-Superior MSA

Employment in the Duluth-Superior MSA grew very slightly in October, adding 153 jobs (0.1 percent) on the month. A decline of 1,693 jobs (5.1 percent) in Leisure and Hospitality was counterbalanced by a gain of 1,338 jobs (5.1 percent) in Government employment, with smaller job gains scattered around a variety of supersectors. Annually, Duluth has added 491 jobs (0.4 percent). While only two supersectors have lost employment on the year (Leisure and Hospitality, which is down 599 jobs or 4.4 percent, and Professional and Business Services, which is down 117 jobs or 1.4 percent), job growth in other supersectors was relatively modest and has kept the annual job growth from being too dramatic. The most notable exception is Educational and Health Services, which added 563 jobs (1.8 percent) over the year.

Rochester MSA

The Rochester MSA lost 275 jobs (0.2 percent) in October. The MSA has lost employment in two consecutive months and in three of the last four. October declines were driven by significant losses in Leisure and Hospitality (down 686 or 6.7 percent) and Professional and Business Services (down 248, 4.3 percent). The largest monthly growth came in Educational and Health Services, which added 306 jobs (0.7 percent). Annually, Rochester lost 150 jobs (0.1 percent). Professional and Business Services had the largest decrease (down 431 or 7.2 percent) while Trade, Transportation, and Utilities had the largest numerical increase (up 418 or 2.4 percent).

St. Cloud MSA

Employment in the Saint Cloud MSA was up by 931 (0.9 percent) in October. Growth was, unsurprisingly, driven by an increase of 656 (4.4 percent) in Government employment, which was itself bolstered by growth of 435 jobs (5.4 percent) in Local Government. The MSA also added 128 jobs (1.5 percent) in Leisure and Hospitality, joining Grand Forks as the only MSAs to see monthly job growth in that supersector. Annually, the St. Cloud MSA lost 694 jobs (0.6 percent). Mining, Logging, and Construction lost 327 jobs (5 percent), Educational and Health Services lost 245 (1.1 percent), and Professional and Business Services lost 312 (3.7 percent).

Mankato-North Mankato MSA

Employment in the Mankato-North Mankato MSA added 946 jobs (1.7 percent) in October. Most of that increase likely came from schools, as Government employers added 588 jobs (6.6 percent). Annually, Mankato lost 998 jobs (1.7 percent). The private sector lost 1,060 jobs (2.2 percent) while Government employers added 62 (0.7 percent).

Fargo-Moorhead MSA

The Fargo-Moorhead MSA added 1,265 jobs (0.9 percent) in October. Government employment grew by 608 jobs (3.2 percent), and Professional and Business Services added 548 jobs (3.4 percent). Annually, the Fargo-Moorhead area added 1,249 jobs (0.9 percent). Once again, Government provided a good base for growth, adding 723 jobs (3.9 percent), while Leisure and Hospitality added 874 jobs (6.2 percent), and Financial Activities added 304 jobs (2.9 percent). On the other side, Manufacturing lost 245 jobs (2.4 percent), Mining, Logging, and Construction lost 178 jobs (1.9 percent), and Trade, Transportation, and Utilities lost 375 jobs (1.2 percent).

Grand Forks-East Grand Forks MSA

Employment in the Grand Forks-East Grand Forks MSA was up by 1,107 (1.9 percent) in October. More than half of this increase came from the private sector, which added 630 jobs (1.4 percent) versus Government's 477 (3.4 percent). Trade, Transportation, and Utilities added 273 jobs (2 percent), and Educational and Health Services added 252 (2.7 percent). Over the year, the Grand Forks-East Grand Forks MSA added 886 jobs (1.5 percent). Mining, Logging, and Construction had the most dramatic growth, adding 398 jobs or 11.9 percent. Trade, Transportation, and Utilities also performed well on the year, adding 517 jobs (3.9 percent). On the negative side of the ledger, Professional and Business Services lost 175 jobs (5.5 percent), and Government lost 133 jobs (0.9 percent) among a scattering of smaller losses in other supersectors.

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